5 Reasons You Should Go On A Disney Cruise

Okay, so we’re not professional Disney cruisers just yet. We’ve only been on two. There are people we’ve met that have been on 10, 15, or even 20! But if you have the chance to splurge on a vacation, I would recommend going on a Disney Cruise at least once—especially if you’re a Disney fan!

Our first cruise was a 7-day cruise from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlán on the Wonder. We were celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. We loved it so much that just 3 months later, we went on another 7-day cruise on the Fantasy!

1. The Fun is for Everyone

Trust me, everyone thought we were weird for going on a ship full of children when we’re a young married couple who should probably be doing kid-free things. Especially for me, who works with children daily. But it didn’t feel like it was just for children at all. Of course there are plenty of family friendly things to do but we both felt like there were the same amount of adult-only activities. There’s also an 18+ pool area! We did trivia at the pubs/bars almost every night, went to adult comedy shows, and they even sat us with other child-free adults for dinner (it’s like they knew). The second time, we went with our best friends and their little 21 month old and we were able to rotate between family activities and adult activities.

Formal Night
Sail Away Party

2. Just Like Disneyland Without the Lines

Why stand in 1-2 hour long lines at Disneyland when you could also have meet and greets and fun activities on a ship! Disney sure knows how to make things magical. The musicals were phenomenal, Mickey and friends made surprise appearances even at dinner, and we had fireworks at sea!

3. You Don’t Have to Lift a Finger

I’ve been on other cruise lines but the services on the Disney Cruise Line is really unmatched. The servers learned our tastes and preferences, and even go out of their way to make sure we were happy. Our room attendants made us feel like kings and queens. I think if we had asked to have our food cut up and for them to feed us they probably would do it (not that we would… or would we?).

4. Worry-Free Excursions

Now I’ve been on many cruise lines before Disney and by far, Disney makes the excursion process very easy. You can prebook your tours and adventures in advance through the Disney Cruise app/website. The tickets will arrive in your stateroom with a meeting place onboard and a Disney crew member will walk/ride with you all the way to the start of your tour.

5. Destination Hopping

If you can’t pick one destination for your vacation, why not have multiple destinations? There’s pros and cons with this one. With each cruise, we were able to visit multiple countries and their ports of call. There were places where I wish we could spend more time but at least the cruise gave us an idea of where to plan our next vacation.

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